FITNESS for over 70's

What to stay healthy and active so you enjoy and get the best out of your retirement? 

But unsure of the right and injury free way for doing so? 

This is an increasingly familiar sentence that we seem to hear and see all around the fitness world at the moment, aimed at people over a certain age, and promising a sort of one size fits all for generic exercise programme for the over 70s. Well with my programmes it’s all about you as an individual, and not about a generic makeover based on your age. My programmes are different, and are tailored to your unique and individual needs, not to a set style of exercising simply because you’re over 70!
First, I like to sit down with you and go through yourwhole fitness history (if there is one) and all your health related issues (if any), past and present. My aim is to understand your wants and needs so that I can put together a programme for you that is bothrealistic and challenging, and will put you on the road to achievable fitness. 
I want to help you feel good, get back on track and stay there, and give the under 70's a real run for their money!
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