This programme is aime at dindividuals or groups who have a target they want to achieve.

Are you ..

Wanting to get fit for the York 10k?
Training Yorkshire marathon?

Signed up for the Yorkshire Warrior or obstacle race? 
Aiming for that half marathon you’ve always promised yourself?
Determined to complete your first triathlon? Or even an iron man?
Preparing for an epic fundraising bike ride?
Whatever your goal, We can help you reach it, building your fitness stage by stage through a carefully tailored individual plan that takes you all the way from day one, to the big day itself.
I will work closely with you to put in place a unique training structure and day-to-day, week-to-week fitness regime that will work for you, physically and psychologically. 
You will learn correct technique,which is so important to successful performance and essential to minimise the risk of injury. I will guide your training to ensure that you develop the stamina required for your event. I will train you to perform certain carefully designed stretches to prepare your body for all the hard work, the sweat and the tears that it will take for you to push through the demands of your training. And as an experienced and successful ultra competitor, I will teach you the endurance tactics that will help you through the hard times all the way to the finishin line.
So whether it’s an iron man or a fun run, a triathlon or an ultra marathon, this unique program will take you from day one all the way to the finishing line
Working towards a goal can be fun and hugely rewarding. As you stand on that start line, your training programme will have set you up to feel epic, strong and ready to achieve your goal. 
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