We have trained with Tom for over 2 years now, and he is brilliant!! We did no exercising whatsoever before we met Tom and would never of dreamt to get the fitness level we have got to today, he listens to your goals and what you want to achieve and gives you the motivation you need to achieve them. When you think his workouts cannot push you anymore to your limits, you are mistaken, every time he pushes you that much further. And most importantly fun too! (But Tom wouldn't want me saying that, It's not meant to be fun because that means your not working hard enough! Haha!)
Steve & Lorraine Botterill

om talks the talk and walks the walk. He has the vision to see the potential in people and the knowledge and skill to set and deliver you to your goal. There is no question he has been key to my evolution from mid field athlete to representing Great Britain at the Age group Triathlon World Championships in Beijing last Year. Thank you Tom.
Dr Simon Smale

I am almost 77 years of age. I suffer from heart disease, prostate cancer and chronic spinal stenosis. My best and most valuable therapy are the workouts I have with Tom. He treats me as any other person he trains, and while I am sure he adapts the training to my age and condition, he works me hard and effectively. I am in no doubt that my relatively good health is due to the training I do with Tom. There are three reasons for the effectiveness of his training methods: he is very skilled at what he does as a physical trainer; he is sensitive to the needs of those he trains, both physically and emotionally; he offers, through his work a friendship to those he trains.
Ron Mitchinson

Tom Lininsh is more than 'just' a Personal Trainer.

Tom's vocation is fitness and well-being, and it is a way of life he pursues with continuing curiosity and commitment; to this, he adds the combination of 10 years of very varied experience as a Fitness professional with a naturally adventurous and sympathetic approach.

Like many of Tom's clients, I have worked with Tom for some years. Initially I sought him out because, at 48, I was extremely overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a stressful job situation. I also had no experience of exercise beyond an enjoyment of walking, and well-honed avoidance techniques which had sabotaged previous attempts to 'get fit'. Tom managed to build a level of confidence and trust which motivated me to lose the weight, regain my health, and develop an enjoyment of physical exercise. The psychological benefits, in terms of feeling more in control and more positive, have been immense.

Since then, Tom has also guided me through rehabilitation after I became lame as a result of arthritis in my knee; medical advice was to wait for the knee joint to degenerate until I was suitable for a knee replacement, and wear 'sensible shoes' in the meantime. Focused exercise and diet over 6 months resulted in being able to continue to enjoy long distance walking, and regular running, and the pain and lameness is a memory.

More than 10 years after I met Tom, I am still fit and well, with high energy levels which add immeasurably to the
quality of my life and the things I can do. I can still enjoy running, spending (very!) active days with my toddler grand- and god-children, and look back with huge gratitude that I am able to live so well. I know that my life would have followed a very different path if I had not been helped to address former health problems, and it did take more than 'just' a personal trainer to show me what could be achieved.
Sharon Whittington

Tom has completely changed my life and my whole thinking about exercise and nutrition. I used to run only short distances and not particularly enjoy it. After a longer run with Tom I was quite impressed with myself, not realising we had run 10km. I then took part in his circuit and spin classes as he made me believe that I could exercise longer without stopping. I was filled with new hope that I could succeed in other things that were new and challenging to me. Tom is one of the most motivating people I’ve ever met, encouraging me throughout everything I do and being there as a massive support system.
Sarah Duck

After a back injury many years ago I was unable to participate in all the things I loved doing. Since training with Tom I can do what I want with my children, hours of gardening and still be able to stand up and even compete well in a 10km race in Athens.”
Belinda Smale

When Tom first came to the house to work with my husband Ron, I used to hide! For many years I have suffered with my knee joints so eventually I plucked up the courage to ask Tom for his help. My fears were completely unfounded! Tom describes himself as a Personal Trainer but I think Life Coach would be a more apt name as he works with the whole person, not just physically but psychologically as well. He exudes a natural confidence which obviously has a knock-on effect and makes one feel anything is possible but at the same time is realistic and creates achievable goals. Over the two years I have been working with Tom my relationship with pain has altered considerably. I am now able to recognise the difference between 'good' and 'bad' pain and am no longer as frightened by it. My understanding of the workings of the body has increased and I am now actually able to enjoy the benefits of exercising - something I would have thought impossible at one time. I am now able to run! I hadn't run for twenty years! Going up and down stairs is no longer painful and my walking distance and speed has also increased. Tom also gives sound dietary advice which I try to follow but frequently fail; he is infinitely patient over this and is always coming up with fresh ideas. My health has improved overall in the last two years and Tom has given me numerous strategies to cope with the challenges life has to offer. All in all, Tom approaches his work with competent professionalism and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
Diana Mitchinson

“I signed up with Tom for weekly training sessions after being deeply impressed by the results he was achieving with my husband. I had two goals in mind, apart from wanting to improve all-round physical fitness. First was to improve posture and reduce wear and tear on my joints, especially knees, when engaged in Zen meditation (which involves hours of sitting on mat and cushion whilst on retreat) and second was to prepare for running barefoot without injury.

After six months I am so very grateful to Tom for all he has helped me to accomplish so far. I have just returned from an 8-day Zen retreat, sitting 10 half-hour sessions a day, with no complaints at all from my knees and little discomfort elsewhere. I am steadily progressing towards barefoot running through great improvements in flexibility and strength.  

Tom is fantastic at precisely pinpointing areas of weakness, misalignment and inflexibility, making sure the whole body is assessed and worked appropriately. As a result I feel fitter and more energetic than ever despite being well past middle age. He combines natural perceptiveness, intelligence and sensitivity with deep knowledge and experience of how the body works. He is encouraging and inspires trust, knowing how far to push for the results he wants. I feel most fortunate to be one of his many happy clients.
Elizabeth Coombs

Tom was recommended to us by my daughters Physio. She is an elite athlete competing for England and is hoping to be selected for the Youth Commonwealth Games in July 2017. We saw Tom in February and he took all Lucys details including a food diary . He then tested her body fat, blood pressure water levels to make sure she was ok. Tom recommend a new diet for Lucy cutting out all bad fats and sugars. He gave us lots of information and backed it up with an email and included lots of recipes to try. Tom was there for us when Lucy struggled with some aspects and she got through the two weeks. 
Lucy had a competition at the end of Feb and the results were amazing. She jumped a personal best and had 4 out of 6 jumps over the 6m mark. We can only assume that her new way of eating was down to the success.
Tom has been brilliant throughout, he has kept in touch by email sending us new recipes.
He is very knowledgeable and professional.
Thanks Tom you have made a big difference to Lucy.
Samantha Hadaway

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