Physical health, fitness and well being have been at the heart of my life for as long as I can remember. With over 12 years’ experience as a fitness professional I set up Adventure Fitness with the goal of providing physical health training to people of all ages and abilities, from elite athletes training for specific events to over-70s who have never trained before.

My philosophy is simple. I believe that physical health and wellbeing is a holistic process. My practice is collaborative and multi-disciplinary, and gives all my clients access to a team of professionals that includes consultants, a dietician, a physiotherapist and a psychologist to ensure that the best expert assessment and advice is available to everyone. I believe that training for physical health and fitness can take place anywhere and that anyone can train, whatever their history or ability. In recent years this has led to an increasing interest in working with people who might previously have been excluded from fitness because of poor health or chronic illness. The fitness adventure is open to everyone, and I am passionate about the difference that fitness and lifestyle change can make to people’s lives, wellbeing and happiness. Whatever the starting point, for each and every client my focus is on the development of a unique individually crafted physical health programme bringing together the three elements of fitness: physical, mental, nutritional (chemical). 

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